Currently working on animal rescue charity website…

I originally worked on a website for the Friends of Akitas Trust, a UK registered charity working to help & rehome Akitas, back in 2008. It was in fact my very first Pro Bono charity / non-profit / animal rescue web design project.

I was given a basic brief and some screengrabs of other sites they liked the look of and off I went. I thoroughly enjoyed working on the site and I think the finished design came out quite close to how they were hoping it would  (well it’s 3 years on and they’re still using it so hopefully that’s a good sign!).

It was a site built on a basic CMS (quick.cms) with a minimal design with lots of whitespace, focusing the users attention on the content. I think it adequately fit with and portrayed their ‘brand’ to the public.

So, following on from that project 3 years ago, earlier this year the Friends of Akitas Trust contacted me again to see if I’d be interested in working on an updated version of their site, something more modern and with more features.

Of course I jumped at the chance. I’ve volunteered for the Trust previously by transporting Akitas to their foster homes on a few occassions, so I know they are a great rescue and that makes working on their web design projects even more enjoyable to me, because I know I can produce something that will be of benefit to them and ultimately the dogs they are caring for, plus I get to incorporate images and info on dogs in to the site. As a huge dog lover myself this combines my passions – animals and web design – so I really enjoy my work.

The idea for the new site was again to keep the design minimal (white background) and make use of their signature colour, a striking red from their logo.

The site is now close to complete, built on WordPress which I consider to be the best choice for most sites due to it’s versatility and ease of use, but especially for charity sites who can really benefit from the ‘free’ price tag.

After the site is up and running online I will get some screengrabs posted here for all to see (together with some more items from my portfolio which is noticeably lacking on this site), but I won’t show off until it’s ‘live’ as I wouldn’t want to spoil the suprise :)

Got an animal rescue or charity web design project you’d like me to work on? Feel free to leave me a comment or contact me. Thanks!