Websites for charity – a new project giving free web advice to charities and non-profit orgs

So I’ve finally got a dedicated website for my free charity website advice, helping charities and non-profit organisations get more out of the web.

The site will include posts about charity website designs, website hosting, domain names, free email newsletters, free forums, social networking for charities, free photo galleries and videos, plus lots of other bits and bobs.

After working on lots of charity website projects over the last few years I’ve come across loads of really useful, free or low cost tools and ideas, and I wanted to be able to share my experiences and suggestions with as many charities as possible.

Often I see organisations paying more than they need to for cost-effective websites and hosting etc. and by keeping these costs low, charities can use more of their hard-earned fundraising income for the purpose of their charity.

Websites For Charity is still in the early phases but over the coming months I’ll be adding more content and I hope that over time the site will grow in to a valuable resource with a wide range of topics covered.