Volunteering With Animals – informational site about animal rescue volunteering

Another charity website, oh how I love to do charity projects! :)

This one is all about volunteering with animals and it’s a ‘stepping-stone’ site which will hopefully help to raise the profile of the target organisation – Rescue Helpers Unite.

Blogging & Search Engines

By posting regularly at the VolunteeringWithAnimals.co.uk blog, I hope we can ensure that we appear on the first page in google for our desired keywords and terms. It’s a tough market as there are a lot of sites out there about volunteering with animals.

But it’s not all about search engine rankings – I also hope to make the site a valuable resource for anyone interested in volunteering, where they can find out more about animal transporting, animal fostering, homechecking, fundraising etc. Most of the pages include a comment area where people can ask questions and give us feedback too.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Most of the images (or perhaps all of the images now that I think about it) used on the site are genuine volunteers photo’s that have been submitted by them for use in promo materials. There are some great photo’s that I hope will really be of help in getting people interested in the subject – much more so than stock photo’s which, whilst being an invaluable resource, can sometimes give off an air of ‘phoney-ness’ (that may be a made up word).

Price was also an issue when it comes to photo’s. For pro-bono charity projects, it’s much better to be able to use good quality, genuine and FREE photo’s of volunteers, rather than some boring stock photo.

Design – less is more

The design for Volunteering With Animals is simple and easy to navigate, and includes some of the colours from the ‘Rescue Helpers Unite’ palette, complementing but not completely emulating the colours used on the main website/forum.

The basic design on this site isn’t anything that’s going to blow people’s socks off, but that wasn’t the intention. The focus is on the content with this one.