All my posts give 404 errors!!! Scary error from WP Super Cache update

I just had a scary experience – I went to edit a post on a WordPress install, everything was fine in the admin panel but when I hit ‘preview’ all I got was a 404 error! Whaaaaaat?!

Thinking maybe it was a one off server error I checked some other posts – they were all 404 too! Scary!

Assuming it might be caused by a plugin I had recently deactivated (I’ve been making an effort to clean up my plugin usage lately), I immediately went to the Plugins page and there I noticed a highlighted note about WP Super Cache being deactivated because I needed to save the settings.

I had recently updated WP Super Cache and I must have been in a hurry because I didn’t notice this note at the time.

I re-configured the settings and activated WP Super Cache and thankfully – no more 404 errors!

I think my posts were probably out of action for about a week so this could be very damaging to active blogs (luckily this was on one of my less active websites).

If you’re seeing all of your posts getting 404 errors and you’ve recently updated or installed WP Super Cache, you could be seeing the same error – so go ahead and check your settings!

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