Dog Rescue website – Poundhounds

screenie_med_poundhounds-1This website was created for a UK dog rescue who were in need of a brand new website where they could let people know about their organisation, advertise their dogs needing homes, post news and appeals and accept donations.

Dogs for adoption

Dogs for adoption

This site was created back in 2009 and was in my early stages of creating websites for other people, so whilst there are aspects of the site that now look a bit dated – the layout of the main text content and lack of varying font sizes and images to really make the pages engaging – I think the general colour scheme and layout looks quite nice so I thought it’d be better to include it here in my portfolio than to have it be forgotten.

Although I have fond memories of working on this design, the main issue that bugs me about it now is the logo being on the right hand side of the page. This is a web rule I would be extremely hesitant to bend nowadays!

The site was created using Quick.CMS software which allowed the animal rescue owner to easily update and manage all the content from the admin panel.