My work

Here’s a taster of some of the sites I’ve worked on (not an exhaustive list at the moment! Will get it more up to date asap)

Save The Strays UK
April 2012

I recently did a re-build and re-design of one of the first sites I ever created, It’s an informational site helping to raise awareness about the stray dog situation (especially stray dog euthanisation) in the UK.

The site was previously built using a good lightweight CMS software called Quick.CMS, but it had become a bit too limiting so I finally upgraded it to my beloved WordPress.

This is also one of my first proper attempts at ‘responsive design’ as the idea has only really started to penetrate the web design world seriously over the last year or so. The site should be comfortably viewable on any screen size.

With the home page I’ve tried to focus users thoughts on learning more and taking action, mixed with the latest news posts, and used some doggy stock photography to keep things visually appealing (the dog image also changes size depending on the users browser resolution).

Volunteering with Animals

An informational site all about volunteering with animal rescues in the UK. This site was created to provide a bit of extra information for people looking to volunteer, and to provide a ‘stepping-stone’ of sorts to hopefully funnel interested people in to the main site at Rescue Helpers Unite, the online community for UK rescues and volunteers.

By posting regularly about volunteering at I hope to help our search engine ranking and ensure that when people are searching for volunteering opportunities on google, we appear near the top of the page! (It’s a tough market as there are a lot of sites out there about this subject)

Friends of Akitas

UK registered charity ‘Friends of Akitas Trust’ needed a new website to promote their organisation, communicate with their supporters and display their dogs in need of adoption. They asked for a minimal design and for the colour scheme to be inline with their signature red.

I created a design to match their minimalist specs and worked some special features in to the site such as a custom search so that people could find dogs needing homes based on their location, age, temperament etc.

Websites For Charity

Websites For Charity is my own project and one I’m loving working on. I have been providing website advice and assistance to charities and non-profit organisations for years and I felt it was about time I had a dedicated site to share this knowledge. specialises in giving free advice and tips to charities and non-profit orgs on how they can get the most out of the web on a small budget. I’m writing guides and tutorials for the site and hope it will become a valuable resource for charities on the web.

Dog Walker Directory

Dog Walker Directory provides a lower cost alternative for dog walkers and pet professionals looking to advertise their business. This website required special capabilities such as an advanced form that customers could use to submit their business details and built in buttons and data to allow customers to manage and pay for their listings direct from the listing page.

I’ve also integrated Twitter and Facebook accounts in to the site, with all advertiser entries being automatically crossposted on the social networks.

Foster Dogs

Foster Dogs is an informational site built to help encourage people to become fosterers for rescues dogs and to provide advice and tips to people new to fostering.

Rescue Helpers Unite forum
2010 (and ongoing)

Rescue Helpers Unite is an online community for volunteers and UK animal rescues. The forum was re-designed in 2010 and since then it’s had many tweaks and features added, as per the organisations requirements. The forum runs on the popular vBulletin software, for which I’ve extensively customised the design.

Mutiny Festival

Mutiny Festival was a punk ‘one dayer’ festival that took place at The Spa in Bridlington, East Yorkshire in May 2009. I prepared the website and promotional logo/flyers/posters etc. for the festival.

Shanti Promotions