The online ‘home’ of a Yorkshire based web designer & developer.

I’m using this space on the web to share my thoughts on things I love – website design & development, charity websites, WordPress, plugins, CSS, HTML …and any other ideas that interest me.

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My Portfolio

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My Skills

  • CSS/HTML coding

    CSS and HTML are code languages used to create websites. I know how to use them and manipulate them to do my bidding!

  • WordPress themes & modifications

    I love, love, love WordPress. It’s free, open-source software used to power millions of websites. I use it for most projects.

  • Content design

    Boring walls of text on a website can make your readers lose interest fast. I can help you create interesting, engaging content that makes people stick around for longer!

  • Finding low cost website solutions

    Low budget? No problem! It’s amazing what you can get for free or a low cost on the web. Let me guide you in the ways of the internet freebie!

  • Websites for charities & non-profit orgs

    I love working on charity websites, usually pro-bono. I get to do a good thing and expand my knowledge at the same time.

  • “Mobile Friendly” Responsive websites

    It’s 2015 and mobile is king! It’s time to bring your website up to date with a responsive design that can be viewed on smartphones and tablets – I can help.

A little bit more about me

  • As well as website design I’m experienced in graphic design, search engine optimisation, software installation and modification etc. and constantly working to update my skills.
  • I’ve been working with the web for over 10 years so I’ve learnt a lot and seen a lot of trends come and go.
  • I believe in clean, clear website navigation and attractive but not overbearing designs.
  • I love to play with the web and discover new tricks and toys.
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